Q: Why are you so slow translating a chapter? When are the new chapters?
A: Cause I have RL to do and sometimes most of the times, it makes me not motivated enough to translate. I wonder why I go to college... Ah cause it's a scholarship XD

Q: Will you stop translating?
A: Nope, I'll continue.

Q: How's the schedule for the chapter releases?
A: I'm not sure~ In the past it was one chapter per week but ya know~ Life hits so hard.

Q: Will you translating other series/will you take another series?
A:  I'd love to, but life's not allowing me to do so.

Q: Why you sometimes ask for donation?
A: Cause I didn't get wage/salary (I'm unemployed and just a college student), the money I got is for paying my internet, fuel and stuff.

Q: Why you don't post your unedited chapter?
A: Because I don't think my English is good enough....

More later~ 

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  1. Q: when is a new chapter coming out and i hope rl isnt getting you to down